Dental Health Month

Pet Dental Health Month

Dental disease is one of the most common conditions seen by veterinarians
The most common cause of dental disease is due to tartar and calculus accumulation. As in humans, animals accumulate bacterial plaque on the surface of their teeth. If the plaque is not removed quickly, it becomes mineralized to form tartar and calculus. The bacterial products and decaying food stuck to tartar are one potential cause of bad breath. Humans brush after eating a meal to solve this problem, most animals do not.

Tartar is easily identified by its tan or brown color. It normally starts at the gum edge, especially on the back teeth called the premolars and molars. In severe cases, tartar and calculus may cover the entire tooth.

The accumulation of tartar and bacteria on the teeth surfaces lead to infection and gingivitis or inflammation of the gums. This can many times be seen by the presence of pus. If the disease is caught at an early stage and a thorough veterinary dental scaling and polishing performed, most of the teeth and gums will have a full recovery. However, if gingivitis is allowed to persist untreated, then irreversible periodontal disease will occur. This will lead to infection of the tooth and eventual tooth loss. In addition, infection in the gums can spread to other areas of the body leading to infections in the kidney, liver, or even heart.

February Dental Health Month Specials
• 10% off of the dental procedure: This discounts the cost of the dental scaling and polishing
• 10% off of any advanced procedures needed: In the event a tooth is severely compromised, advanced procedures may be necessary to save the tooth or possibly even extract it.
• 10% off all dental home products: Although home care does not eliminate the need for dental care, it reduces the severity and length of time between professional cleanings.