Our Services

County Line Veterinary Clinic provides complete veterinary services including preventative & wellness care, surgical & diagnostic services, critical care monitoring, and hospitalization as well as boarding, grooming and bathing services for dog or cat.

Preventative Care and Vaccinations-

A complete physical examination is the first step to providing proper care for your companion.   This allows the
doctor to learn the individual characteristics of your dog cat or pocket pet and begin building his/her medical history.   As your pet ages, preventative
care expands to incorporate essential monitoring of organ function, heart function, blood pressure, and much more.

Throughout the life of your companion, CLVC will recommend essential individualized veterinary care based on breed, genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors.

These recommendations include things such as:
•        Proper vaccination needs based on lifestyle and exposure
•        Protection against parasites such as mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks
•        Home dental care
•        Diet
•        Senior health management when the time comes
•        Proper disease management

Proper preventative care will minimize the risk of illness and improve the quality of life for your companion.

Our recommended puppy
vaccine schedule
Our recommended adult
dog vaccine schedule
Our recommended kitten
vaccine schedule
Our recommended adult cat vaccine schedule

Surgical and Anesthetic Services-

Surgery is an important part of both routine and advance health care needs.   Routine anesthetic procedures are an essential part of preventative medicine including procedures such as spaying, neutering, laceration repair, growth removals, dental extractions and many more.

Advanced surgical needs can include internal surgery to repair hernias and to remove tumors, as well as orthopedic repair of broken bones.   

To lower the risks of surgery and anesthesia, CLVC performs pre-surgical blood testing to evaluate a patient’s ability to handle anesthesia, utilizes the safest available anesthetic agents individualized to each patient, and benefits from the assistance of advanced vital signs monitors. 

Dental Services-

Dental care is an essential part of proper medicine that involves daily home care, routine professional evaluations, and professional cleanings by a doctor when necessary. An infected mouth can lead to gingivitis, periodontal disease, and even organ failure if left untreated.

Dental care starts with puppies and kittens and includes brushing, the use of  dental chews, water additives, and specialized diets.   CLVC is equipped with the essential tools to provide your pet with a clean, healthy smile. 

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Senior Services-

Most dogs and cats become seniors at the magical age of 7. Just like humans, as our companions age, their bodies become less efficient and they become candidates for many age related diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, cancer, hypothyroidism, and hyperthyroidism.  Routine checkups, regular blood screenings, and minor lifestyle changes, such as diet, can lead to minimalization of the onset of disease and allow the opportunity for treatment and management due to early detection.

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Boarding Services- “Your companion’s home away from home”

Planning a vacation or heading out of town for business?   We are here to pamper your pet.   CLVC offers both standard and premium board packages. For our canine house guests, our premium boarding offers a dedicated room with natural light in a spacious area with a glass front, an elevated bed, TV, three exercise sessions a day, and the option for play time.

Our feline house guests have a room to themselves in one of our custom cat condos, an aquarium, a multi level cat play ground, plenty of attention, and the option of play time.

Both areas are designed to reduce the anxieties of being away from home.

Grooming and Bathing Services-

Does your companion need a haircut or just a bath? Treat him/her to a spa day with our professional grooming and/or bathing services.

Grooming includes a professional haircut, relaxing bath & massage, nail clipping & filing, anal gland expression, ear cleaning & plucking, “fancy” spray,and choice of a bow or bandanna.

Bathing includes a relaxing bath & massage, nail clipping, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, “fancy” spray, and a bandanna.

Acupuncture is Now Available-

Dr. Lindsey Conway performs Acupuncture services to our patients. We are excited to has these available services in house.

To complement our high standard of traditional veterinary medicine, County Line is excited to also offer a holistic approach. Dr. Lindsey Conway is certified in veterinary acupuncture, an ancient therapy that offers additional benefits for conditions such as pain management, surgical recovery, organ function, and much more. We are excited to have available additional options for your companion if in need.