Preventative Care

Preventative Care and Vaccinations-

A complete physical examination is the first step to providing proper care for your companion.   This allows the
doctor to learn the individual characteristics of your dog cat or pocket pet and begin building his/her medical history.   As your pet ages, preventative
care expands to incorporate essential monitoring of organ function, heart function, blood pressure, and much more.

Throughout the life of your companion, CLVC will recommend essential individualized veterinary care based on breed, genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors.

These recommendations include things such as:
•        Proper vaccination needs based on lifestyle and exposure
•        Protection against parasites such as mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks
•        Home dental care
•        Diet
•        Senior health management when the time comes
•        Proper disease management

Proper preventative care will minimize the risk of illness and improve the quality of life for your companion.

Our recommended puppy
vaccine schedule
Our recommended adult
dog vaccine schedule
Our recommended kitten
vaccine schedule
Our recommended adult cat vaccine schedule