Surgical and Anesthetic Services

Surgery is an important part of both routine and advanced healthcare care needs. Routine anesthetic procedures are an essential part of preventative medicine including procedures such as spaying, neutering, laceration repair, growth removals, dental extractions, and many more.  

Advanced surgical needs can include internal surgery to repair hernias and to remove tumors, as well as orthopedic repair of broken bones.   

To lower the risks of surgery and anesthesia, County Line Veterinary Clinic performs pre-surgical blood testing to evaluate a patient’s ability to handle anesthesia, utilizes the safest available anesthetic agents individualized to each patient, and benefits from the assistance of advanced vital signs monitors. 

To add to our surgical capabilities, County Line Veterinary Clinic now utilizes a Cutting Edge Surgical Laser. When appropriate, this tool allows your companion to benefit from:

  • Less Pain & Swelling: The laser seals the nerve endings as it moves through the tissue resulting in less post-surgical pain & swelling.
  • Less Bleeding: Small blood vessels are sealed during surgery resulting in potentially quicker procedures.
  • Quicker Recovery: For the reason above, and many more, your companion may be able to return home to normal activities sooner. 

Dog Surgery

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